Regulations GrecDoc

European Festival of Greek Documentaries

Article 1

The Documentary Festival GREDOC is organized by « Écrans des Mondes », a French non-profit association, which, for practical reasons, charges ICTV with its coordination. The Festival is open to the works of Greek documentary filmmakers. In the selection of films, the organizers and the selection committee take into account the artistic quality of the film, its strength of content and its originality. It is only quite exceptional that a film by a foreign director will be considered, provided of course that the topic is about Greece.

Article 2

Films may be entered by directors, producers, distributors or any other legal representative. Registration of a film at the Festival is free. Its distribution within the framework of the Festival in all its editions as well as in the associated monthly cycles (season) is also free and not subject to license fee payments. On the other hand, each film can only be broadcast within the season.

Article 3

A film previously rejected by the Festival cannot be resubmitted.

Article 4

For the selection phase, the films must be sent either with French or English subtitles. The availability of a French version or any another European version of the film, with the exception of English, represents, in the case of an equal vote, a decisive selection criterion for its distribution in the Festival and its cycles.

Article 5

Filmmakers whose films are scheduled for competition will be invited to the Paris Festival edition to present their film, provided that a sponsor agrees to finance air tickets as well as the cost of staying in France. They may, if convenient, also be invited to present their films in other European cities organizing local editions. The Festival organizers do their best to find such sponsors but, unfortunately, they cannot guarantee to achieve it for all films.

Article 6

The venue, date, time, order and number of showings (including any deprogramming) and entrance fees are the responsibility of the Festival organizers who will act in the best interests of the event.

Article 7

The selection committee is composed of the qualified personalities presided by the Director of the Festival. The latter usually makes a pre-selection based on his knowledge of the Greek production scene. Only the following technical devices are accepted for the selection of films: DVD or Blu-ray in a version subtitled in French or English, or a screening link in the same languages. In case of selection, the festival will need in addition to the pre-selection material a clean-feed version of the film in high definition, with the time-coded script containing the original version and translations in English or French. A press kit is also required. Participants should send only copies of their films; the Festival cannot be held responsible in case of damage to a sent master.

Article 8

The Festival Jury is made up of competent personalities from Greece and the rest of Europe. Its composition is determined by the Festival Director, based on the proposals of the organizers of French and European festivals. The Jury meets the weekend preceding the Parisian edition of the festival and awards, after due discussion and vote. There are the two main prizes, namely: GrecDoc d’Or and GrecDoc d’Argent. There is no financial reward attached to these Awards. The Jury and / or the Festival Director may also discern other awards depending on the specific situation of each edition.

Article 9

The rights holders of the selected films grant to the Festival a right of free use of the photographs and excerpts of the selected film (maximum 3 minutes) in the media (press, internet, TV), on the Festival website but only in for the purpose of promoting the Festival. They accept that their film will be shown without screening fee in the Festival’s dedicated venues in Paris and other European cities, and that they will be put on-line with restricted access (with log-in access and password) for the practical and organizational needs within the frame of public relations and work for the press of the festival, as well as for the work of the Jury.

Article 10

The Festival intends to prepare mainly for French public media libraries, so in a non-commercial spirit, a « Best of » DVD pack containing the 5 films that have been noticed the most during each edition. Among these 5 films, of course, might be the winners of the Awards, and the copyright holders are herewith already in agreement to authorize this use. They will, of course, be beneficiaries pro rata temporis of the net revenue generated by this put forward. In any case, this activity cannot be assimilated to a commercial publication, because it will always remain linked to the Festival.

Article 11

A list of promotional tools is requested from the directors whose films are selected in order to finalize their registration at the festival. This list includes editorial elements (synopsis and scripts), visuals (photos of the film and the director with its filmography) and technical support tools (HD file or 4K clean-feed of a trailer of the film with its Greek and English or French sub-titles). The final validation of the festival registration is effective only when ICTV has received all of these tools made available to the Festival free of charge by the rights holders.

Article 12

Upon announcement of the official selection of a film, a certificate of selection will be sent to the Filmmaker. After sending this certificate, and for purely logistical reasons, a film cannot be withdrawn from the programming of the Festival

Article 13

The person recording the film formally attests that he/she holds all the festival rights of the film or acts with the consent of its rights-holder.

Article 14

The films selected and / or awarded at the GrecDoc Festival may be subject of a second screening during the following year as part of the monthly screenings cycle « Cycle GrecDoc ».

Article 15

The registration of a film at the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of all the articles of the present regulations.

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The GREDOC Festival is organized by the non-for profit organization ECRANS DES MONDES